Infusion Biosciences has developed a patent pending technology that we refer to as our Aqueous Phytorecovery Process that uses custom reagents formulated for different plant materials.

All of our reagents are not only classified GRAS but also are common ingredients in our diet. Further, we do not use any artificial chemicals or harsh physical treatments during our process.

We utilize a 2 step “soak and strain” method, whereby according to the diagram, in step 1, we soak cannabis biomass in proprietary water reagents followed by straining and filtering to recover a natural water soluble entourage. Step 2 includes soaking the leftover plant material strained from step 1 in proprietary natural oil reagents and again, followed by straining and filtering to recover the remaining free oil entourage.

Propertiary APP Recovery Technology

We have created and produced two new disruptive and foundational finished cannabis ingredients derived from our patent-pending, Aqueous Phytorecovery Process (“APP”):

  • No artificial chemicals (organic solvents, liquified gas)
  • No harsh physical treatments (heat, sonic, microwave)

A 2 Step ”soak and strain” method:

  1. Cannabis beverage/drink industry for recreational and medicinal markets
  2. Pharmaceutical drug development focused on water soluble cannabinoids

APP Recovery Technology yields two truly unique cannabis extract products including the first truly water-soluble cannabis liquid


Our Infusion APP Processing units are made up of a Reagent Flow Control System, Biomass Processing Chambers and Product Recovery Chambers. The units are modular and can be custom configured for ‘craft’ style runs or large commercial scale runs.

In the triple module mid sized unit pictured below, a total of 10kg of a single variety can be processed at once, or it can be divided to accommodate 3kg each of 3 different varieties.



Infuz2O is IB’s natural water soluble cannabis solution that can be stably formulated into traditional beverages without the use of artificial chemical and/or physical means to keep the cannabinoids blended in the water base.

The true water soluble form of cannabinoids in Infuz2O results in a fast onset time of less than 5 minutes, clearing (offset) within 90 minutes. This is substantially different from traditional cannabinoid oils which take 30-60 minutes to feel the effect (onset) and 3-6 hours to wear off (offset). The gentle water-based recovery process also makes sure that Infuz2O delivers the “whole plant experience” without the need to smoke.


Less than 5 mins to feel effects, less than 90 min to wear off

Retains strain specific nuances and whole plant experience

No need for added chemicals or formulation gimmicks that are now used to make cannabinoid oils “stay” in water

Starting preparation from which biotechnology methods will be used to isolate and produce biopharmaceutical medicine


Infusion’s True Water Solution has effects that mimic those of inhaled cannabis

Naturally dissolved in water: Most efficient means to deliver a bioactive to the human body

Does not need processing by the body to render water soluble and bioavailable

Versatility for consumer products (medical and biopharma):

Ingested as-is

Dissolved in water-based beverage products

Delivered in water-soluble capsules

Bio-Natural Oil


BNO is cannabinoid oil molecules directly infused into one of many natural oils that are used in edible products or for skin application.

Unlike cannabinoid oils that are used in the industry, BNO is produced by a natural and gentle recovery process. Thus BNO retains and delivers the full entourage experience and benefits of the plant variety from which the oil is made.


Psychoactive without the need for further processing /such as high heat treatment used for decarboxylation

Onset as early as 25 minutes

Recovered directly in carrier oil and ready for consumption and / or formulation

Retains strain specific nuances and whole plant experience


Homogeneously dissolved in natural oil already in human use (GRAS)

Customized for desired use by client

No additional formulation required (ensure consistent quality)

Predictable onset and offset time (pretested as part of QC release)

May be formulated into:

Water-based products using off-the-shelf technology